Winexpert Private Reserve Wine Kits

Winexpert Private Reserve Wine Kits are ultra premium wine kits which brew the very best wines you can make. Made with grape juices from renowned wine growing regions, Private Reserve wine kits deliver exceptional quality wines for the discerning wine buff. Enjoy wines which would set you back more than £20 if you were buying them by brewing them yourself for just over £4 a bottle!

Using new grape juice concentrating technology Winexpert wine kits make fresher, more vibrant wines with better colour, better aroma and better flavour.

  • 14L of ultra premium grape juice, varietal yeast, stabilisers, finings, oak as requried
  • Some of these wine kits contain crushed grape skins for adding incredible mouthfeel and aroma to the wines
  • makes 23 litres (30 bottles)
  • Ready to bottle in 6-8 weeks, these wines benefit from ageing.
  • Full instructions

You will need 23L (5 gallon) brewing equipment and 30 wine bottles to store and serve this wine kit.