Winexpert LE20 Limited Edition Wine Kits

Winexpert Limited Edition wine kits are outstanding wines from the world's best wine producing regions made available as wine making kits in a limited release from early to mid 2021 (LE20 is the year of the grape). LE20 Releases include; Nerello - a classic Sicilian red wine, Synergy - a Californian Chardonnay/ Riesling/ Pinot Grigio off dry lively white wine, Torrontes Muscat - an Argentinian white wine from Mendoza, Double Noir - a Lodi Pinot Noir / Marlborough Gamay Noir red wine blend from New Zealand / California, and the Grenache Tannat Shiraz - red wine blend with grape skins made with Australian Grenache and Shiraz grapes harvested from Riverland and blended with Tannat grapes from the Californian Lodi valley.

Winexpert have recently installed new grape juice packaging techniques to their facilities which produce fresher, better tasting more aromatic wines with better colour retention. These LE20 wine kits will be the best wine kits available - starting from end Dec 2020, they will be released throughout the year in limited quantities.

  • makes 30 bottles
  • contains 14 litres of premium grape juice - no need to add sugar
  • contains varietal yeast specific to the grape
  • includes fermentation stopper, wine stabiliser and wine finings 
  • some contain additional oak chips or grape skins for added flavour
  • 6 to 8 weeks to brew prior to bottling
  • premium varietal grape juice - country and region specific 
  • limited edition

Available to Brewstore soon.....


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