Apres Port Wine Kits

Apres Dessert wine kits feature the ever popular Port style Dessert Wine kit. Please note there are no flavours this year, just the classic port style!

SORRY BUT WE HAVRE BEEN TOLD THERE WILL BE NO FLAVOURED PORT KITS IMPORTED AT ALL 2020. WE HOPE TO HAVE THESE BACK IN STOCK NEXT YEAR.  to make sure you get notfied when this comes is click the link on this page "Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock" below so you do not miss them!

These rich indulgent port style wine kits make 15 full 75cl bottles (11.5 litres) in around 6 weeks and all the ingredients are included in the kit. If you plan to store these dessert wines for future years give them a little extra campden tablet (as per the instructions) and bottle them using a cork with a shrink top and store the bottles on their side - they'll keep well for years this way and just improve with age. You can also fortify the port wine with a little extra brandy to increase the alcohol and taste if desired.

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  • makes 16 bottles
  • contains 12 litres of premium grape juice and dextrose - no need to add sugar
  • contains varietal yeast specific to the wine style
  • includes fermentation stopper, wine stabiliser and wine finings 
  • some contain additional oak chips or grape juice for added flavour
  • 6 to 8 weeks to brew prior to bottling
  • limited edition 

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