Wine Kits by Brand

Home Brew wine kits make winemaking easy with great results. These great wine kit ranges give you the option to make delicious wines which are quick and easy to make for a fraction of the price of the mass produced stuff and with less additives.

What's the difference between them? - the price rises dependant on the amount of grape juice they contain and the more grape juice they contain the more full flavoured, full bodied and aromatic the wine they'll make. Some kits need added sugar which makes them cheaper to buy initially and lighter bodied and easy drinking, but not necessarilly cheaper once you factor in the cost of the sugar you need to add. There are also subtle differences in the quality of yeast and finings in each range which add to the complexity. Traditional wine kits use a variety of yeast specific to the grape in the kit which enhances it's characteristics and takes around 4-6 weeks to make before bottling, for fast fermenting wine kits the yeast used means these wine kits can be ready to bottle in around 1-2 weeks, but while they are all ready to drink straight away- they all benefit from bottling for a month or more which improves the flavour.  If you prefer your wine from a specific country the premium ranges offer that option and they are usually the ones with the most grape juice, which you'll really notice in your finished wine especially in the reds where you'll get real aroma from the better quality wine kit ranges but not so much on the cheaper options.

Use the right size of winemaking equipment to make wine at home, they make 5 gallon (30 bottles) with some ranges doing a tester 1 gallon (6 bottle ) size. See our Home Brewing Equipment section, or Wine Starter Kits, if you are new to homebrewing and need equipment,

These wine kits can be delivered to you anywhere in the UK mainland free for orders over £60.00