Stills And Distilling Equipment

The original Turbo Air Still is as easy to use as a kettle and can distill water, essential oils, bio fuels and alcohol. Its big brother the T500 can distill a 23 litre wash in one go. The Alembic still is the daddy of all pot stills making craft distillation accessible and safe for the home distiller. Stills from Still Spirits are designed for the home user and are safe, easy to operate and come with full instructions. The range also includes carbon filters and a range of clearing agents, fining carbons and specialist alcohol distillers yeasts for every spirit. The Top Shelf and Still Spirits Classic ranges of flavourings are made by the same people, as is the Grainfather. Please note distilling alcohol in the UK, requires a licence. For information on this look at the hmrc gov website, Public Notice No 39.