Earn BrewPoints at Brewstore! 
It pays to shop at Brewstore - when you enrol in the BrewPoints Loyalty Point Scheme for every £1 you spend with us 1 BrewPoint is added to your customer account. Each BrewPoint is worth 2p, and can be redeemed on future orders. You can also earn extra Points for reviewing products on our site and referring friends to Brewstore. You can use as many of your Points whenever you like online or instore.
To make sure you are accruing your Points just create a customer account when you shop online - you are offered the choice to do this at the Checkout by adding a password to your details and use your email address and password to login every time you shop to build a BrewPoints balance to your customer account. Be sure to login before paying by PayPal Express so that your points are accrued to your account. Creating a customer account that you can login into also lets you easily see the process of your orders, if you don't want to do this you'll only receive transactional emails from us letting you know when your order has shipped or if we need to contact you specifically about your order, but do note that your purchases need a customer account to add Points into!
The BrewPoints loyalty system will enter your details to our mailing list - but you can opt to be contacted in any way or not as you prefer. We don't email very often - only when we feel there is something really important as a customer you'd like to know or be offered  - we prefer you to follow us on Facebook (or Twitter / Instagram) for updates as most people prefer this less invasive method of keeping you informed.
If you are instore you can add your Points for purchases to your customer account even if you don't shop online with us - we use your email address (as this is unique whereas names generally are not) and you'll receive an email confirming your choice to opt into the Points system as above, and again you can choose your contact prefences from there. 
Once you have confirmed your customer account login to see your Dashboard which shows your Points balance and has links and QR codes you can use to send to friends. If someone you sent this link or QR code to uses them when they first shop with Brewstore your account will automatically be awarded £5 worth of BrewPoints.
Everyone likes to hear other people's experiences of products others have used and you can let them know what you think and earn BrewPoints too. Login first to accrue your Points and go to the Product page and leave a review - you get the BrewPoints to thank you for your time and other people get to learn from you as well!
Please note Points are not redeemable for cash, and cannot be transferred. Gift Vouchers are exempt from accruing Points but when used the purchase generates Points to the account of the person using the Voucher. If products are returned the Points will be removed from your account.