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Choose the best home brew starter kit for beginners and learn to brew whether you want to brew beer, make wine, brew cider or make your own spirits Brewstore can guide you to find the right equipment and ingredients to start brewing at home.

How to brew beer you need fermenting equipment + ingredients + bottles or a barrel to brew (plus additional mash kit if you want to brew all grain). 

Ingredients to brew beer can come from;

  1. Beer Kits  (contains hopped malt extract plus yeast, just add water and some need sugar - no need to boil just add the yeast and ferment)
  2. Extract Kits (contains malt extract, hops and yeast which need to be boiled then cooled then add the yeast and ferment) 
  3. All Grain Kits (contain the malt, hops and yeast which need to be mashed ie. cooked for an hour then boiled and cooled then add yeast and ferment)

At Brewstore all the beer kits come with full instructions / the recipe.

The easiest way to brew beer is with no boil Beer Kits - available in 40 pint (5 gallon / 23 litre) sizes and hundreds of styles. The 23 Litre fermenting equipment you need to brew these kits is a standard home brew size so gives you the choice of hundreds of beer kits plus all the cider and wine kits to brew with your equipment too. 

Extract beer brewing uses malt extract where the malt (grain) is mashed to create a malt extract - means you just need to boil the hops with the malt extract in a pot to create a wort which is then cooled add the yeast and fermented - Brewstore Extract Kits are available in 20 pint (2 gallon /11 litre) sizes. Small Batch Extract Starter Kit has fermenting equipment+your choice of extract ingredients to get started and there's a range of ingredients refills plus a huge choice of malt extracts, hops and yeasts if you want to build your own recipes and it's easy to move to all grain from here using the equipment in this kit too.

If you want to brew beer from scratch (all grain brewing) take a look through our Small Batch Brewing Starter All Grain Kits.  They contain the fermenting equipment and all grain brew kit ingredients of your choice with thorough instructions, you'll just need a pot to mash the grain which you can buy from us or use your own. Brewstore have a range of all grain beer starter kits and ingredients kits available in different brew sizes so you can choose to brew;

  • 8 pints ( 1 gallon / 4.5 litres) 
  • 20 pints ( 3 gallon / 11 litres)
  • 34 pints ( 4 gallon / 19 litres)
  • 40 pints ( 5 gallon / 23 litres)

Once you learn the ropes you can build your own recipes and we stock all the raw ingredients - malt, hops and yeast for you to choose from. Your fermenting equipment can be used to brew other drinks depending on the size of fermenter they require but the rest of the equipment can be used for all brews.

How to make wineYou need fermenting equipment + ingredients + bottles or a wine box (polypin).

Ingredients to make wine can come from;

  1. wine kits (contain concentrated grape juice with the yeast and additives required and full instructions /recipe, just add water and some need sugar)
  2. country wines -ie.raw fruits, flowers or vegetables which will need additions such as yeast, and additions specified by your recipe

The easiest way to make wine is with a wine kit. Wine kits are available in 6 bottle (1 gallon /5 litre) and 30 bottle (5 gallon / 23 litre) sizes. They contain concentrated grape juice and the yeast and additions you need to brew them. Choose the right size fermenter for your kit or recipe - so a 1 gallon or 5 gallon fermenter but all the other bits you use to brew them are the same.

If you want to make wine from scratch (country wine making) an extra fermenting bucket and a straining bag are useful to prepare your ingredients before fermenting them. Most older recipes are in 1 gallon sizes making you 6 bottles, but you can make any quantity you like as long as you have the right sized fermenter for the quantity of wine you are brewing.

How to brew cider you need fermenting equipment + ingredients+ bottles or a barrel /keg

Ingredients to make cider can come from; 

  1. Cider Kits (concentrated apple juice with the yeast)
  2. Apples  - by pressing apples or using juice with no preservatives and adding yeast and some additives 

The easiest way to make cider is with a cider kit. They are ony available in 40 pint (5 gallon/ 23 litre) sizes. 23L is a standard home brew size which gives you the choice of dozens of cider kits plus hundreds of beer and wine kits to brew with your equipment too.

To brew cider from scratch (Apples) you'll need to hire or buy a cider press to get the juice before fermenting it. There are a variety of different cider yeast, additives to correct the acidity you might want to use, so a cider making starter kit with recipes and the additves is a good option. Brewstore have a Complete Cidermaker Starter Kit which makes 40 pint (5 gallon / 23 litre) for pulping fermenting and bottling cider made using your own apples.

How to make Spirits you need fermenting equipment + ingredients + bottles (plus a Still if you want to distill)

Ingredients to make Spirits can come from;

  • Sugar and turbo yeast with finings which are fermented and add flavour essences or botanicals or fruit to recreate your chosen spirit or liqueur.
  • Craft distilling where raw grains such as barley, rye, maize are mashed and then fermented and distilled  - this is an advanced technique - see our section on Stills for more information.

No Distill Vodka Making Kits simply ferments out to a 20% abv (half commercial strength) vodka which can be drunk as it is or flavoured to make your favourite spirit or liqueur. Available in 6 bottle (4.5 litre /1 gallon) or 30 bottle (23 litre / 5 gallon) sizes.

Distilling Starter Kits contain a safe and easy to use Still which has full instructions for use to ferment a sugar wash and distill a vodka which can be flavoured with essences or fruit botanicals. Available in 30 bottle (23 litre / 5 gallon) sizes.


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