Craft Series New Zealand Pale Ale Brew Kit

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Craft Series New Zealand Pale Ale Brewery Pouch by Mangrove Jacks contemporary beer kits for the craft beer connoisseur. Make 23 litres of an exciting American style pale ale with pale biscuity malts hopped with fantastic New Zealand Waimea and Pacifica hops with punchy citrus and pine aromas.

  • Bitterness 3 out of 5 (IBU 25-35) 

  • Hops: Waimea and Pacifica 

  • Colour- Golden

This craft beer brew kit contains 2.2kg of superior brewers malt extracts and M44 Craft Series US West Coast Ale Yeast. 

Makes 40 Pints / 23 litres of hoppy Pale Ale,  just add water (no boil required) and either 1kg Dextrose (brewing sugar) or Beer Enhancer or 1.2kg Craft Series Pure Malt Enhancer Pouch.

You will need 23  litre minimum capacity fermentation equipment to brew your beer in and bottles or barrel / keg to store and serve your beer from once it is brewed and either malt enhancer or brewing sugar to brew this kit. If you don't have any you can use the equivalent measure of household sugar instead.

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