Mangrove Jacks Craft Series Beer Brew Kits

Mangrove Jacks Craft Series Brew Kits revolutionises beer kits for the discerning craft beer connoisseur in bang up to date beer styles - containing cold filled nitrogen flushed finest brewers extracts and the MJ Craft Series Yeast strain true to the beer style to enhance the characteristics of your brew. The core range utilises the finest European 2 Row barley, US, NZ and Noble hops with dry hops where style appropriate. Look out for Limited Edition brews such as Berliner Sours and Bourbon Ales with barrel chunks. Mangrove Jacks are made by the people who brought us The Grainfather and Still Spirits. These fully extracted kits do not require boiling, just ferment out to produce a superior 23 litre brew.

"I was cynical, preferring all grain but this was delicious! Turned out well and so quick to do! Perfect for a last minute party - 30minutes to ‘brew’ and less than 2 weeks later a keg of fresh beer..... Would buy again and seriously considering more extract kits from MJ" - Gavin from Scotland.