Beer Kits by Brand

The best beer kits for home brewing.

These home brew beer kits need no boiling or mashing - just add water (and sugar if required by the instructions). You will need basic fermenting equipment plus bottles or a pressure barrel for all these kits. If you're just getting started take a look at Brewstore's comprehensive range of starter kits which have the ingredients and equipment together.

Festival kits, Bulldog Brew kits, Tiny Rebel Beer kits, American Beer Kits, Woodfordes, Muntons Gold & Muntons Premium Gold, Ultimate Brewery Classics, St Peters, Beers of the World are all malt kits and don't need added brewing sugar during the fermentation and produce the easiest to make brew kits with good body and flavour.

Mnagrove Jacks Craft Series, Coopers, BlackRock, Brewmaker, Brewers Choice, Mangrove Jacks Brewers Series, Geordie, Youngs Harvest  beer kits are great value beer kit ranges which do need additional beer enhancer or sugar.

You can now make any beer kits gluten free with the addition of a White Labs Clarity Ferm vial pitched at the same time as the yeast.