23L All Grain Small Batch Brew Starter Pack

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Small Batch All Grain Beer Starter pack containing the right equipment to brew your choice of the 23L Small Batch Brew Kits - all you need is a pot!

Mash your grains and hops using the mash bag provided in a pot on the stove top to make a wort then transfer to the fermenter. Your beer will be ready to bottle in around a week (testing hydrometer provided).

This comprehensive set contains;

  • Mash Bag (use with a pot of your own or add a mash kettle to your order in the options)

  • Your choice of beer ingredients kit with all the freshly milled grain, vacuum packed hops and varietal brewers yeast, and the recipe and instructions

  • 23 litre fermenting bin with bung and fermentation airlock

  • Hydrometer for testing your beer is ready to bottle and calculating the ABV

  • Thermometer for checking the mash and additional stick on thermometer for fermentation temperature 

  • Equipment sanitiser

  • Siphon 

  • Capper and caps for bottling your brew (bottles not included)

All your equipment is fully reusable and compatible with all Brewstore 19L & 23L Small Batch Brewery beer kits, plus any other beer recipes or brew kits up to 23L. If you decide you want to change your brew size, all the equipment in this pack is the same - just change the fermenter.

Choose your beer brew kit from the drop down menu - they are all suitable for beginners and have full instructions and recipes. 

Full instructions are sent by email  - containing the info to brew this specific beer kit and an all grain brew day guide with detailed method explaining the process in full.

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23L All Grain Small Batch Brew Starter Pack is available for purchase in increments of 1

Price as configured: £74.99

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