1 Gallon Brew Kits

Got a 1 gallon Demijohn or a 5 litre brew bucket? You can Brew Beer or Wine with this selection of brew kits.

These wine making kits contain all the concentrated grape or fruit juice, yeast, fermentation stopper and finings you need to make 6 bottles of wine - just add water (and in some cases sugar). 

The Small Batch All Grain Beer Brewing Kits make 8 pints of beer or lager - containing freshly milled grain, vacuum packed hops and brewers yeast in the exact quantities you need - you'll need a 10 litre sized pot to mash the grain before transferring it to your fermenter.  

All these kits come with full instructions and just need 1 gallon fermenting equipment to brew them in, so if you've got a demijohn gathering dust in the corner get it working for you to try something new!