Top Shelf Rye Whiskey Spirit Essence

Top Shelf Rye Whiskey Spirit Essence

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Canadian Club flavoured spirit essence, makes 2.25litres.

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Lighter bodied, smoother and less assertive than it's American counterpart.Try this if you like Canadian Club.Home brew has never been so easy. Simply add Top Shelf Rye Whiskey spirit flavoured essence to vodka to make your own Canadian Club style spirit at home.This 50mls bottle of Spirit essence mixed with a base alcohol makes 2.25 litres of rye whiskey flavoured spirit.Mix your home made rye whiskey well and it's ready to serve or store, although it's best to leave it to sit for a few days to let the flavours develop fully.Top Shelf spirit essences are great mixed with any shop bought 40% abv Vodka, or try distilling your own alcohol with the Still Spirits Air Still.Please note: Due to Customs and Excise legislation you must get a license to distill alcohol at home!


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