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We have 17 makes of home brewing beer kits with beer styles from lager, pilsner, bock, cerveza, mild, bitter, ipa, wheat beer, scottish heavy, porter, stout, belgian ales, christmas ales, summer ale, and more. Our home brew beer kits are available in all malt kits which do not need added brewing sugar such as those from Woodfordes, Brupaks Pride of Yorkshire Microbrewery Series, Muntons Gold, St Peters,Ultimate Brewery Classics. Burton Bridge, BlackRock beer kits from New Zealand made from fresh whole hops. Hambleton Bard do a great range of beer making kits made from dried malt and hops which makes them an excellent choice for shipping abroad. Coopers beer kits are made from the Coopers Brewery in Australia. Other home brewery kits such as those from Young's, Tom Caxton, Geordie and John Bull  offer well established home brew favourites. If Belgian beers appeal to you, you must try a beer kit from the Brewferm Belgian Ale series, which offers all the Belgian Ales such as Abbey, Triple, Pils, Framboix Raspberry Beer, Kreik Cherry Beer, Belgian Wheat Beer, Grand Cru, all made with the best ingredients. The Brewferm Belgian fruit beers are made with 4lbs of real fruit in each beer kit. 

At Brewstore we have 24 types of vacuum packed brewing hops for beer, featuring the USA hops Citra, Cascade, Amarillo, Columbus, and the Australian Summer Hops. Our 16 varieties of Malt for making beer are sourced fresh from the maltster and crushed to order, and our choice of beermaking ingredients includes beer adjuncts and brewing sugars, dried and liquid malt extracts, fresh and dried brewers yeasts - everything you need to make great beer at home.

We are constantly adding to our equipment for making beer from mash, part mash or malt extract. Please contact us if there is anything you can't find, we can usually source any home brewing supplies for you.

If you want to make cider, you're spoiled for choice with our range of cidermaking kits, from cider making starter kits to cider kits from Finlandia, Muntons, Brewmaker, John Bull, and BlackRock, in a range of styles and prices to suit all. Magnum Cider kits come in Apple, Elderflower, Strawberry and Pear Cider.

Browse our Wine Kits by Brand or by colour - red, white or rose, to find the right home brewing wine kit for you from a selection of 1 and 5 gallon wine kit sizes. Premium quality and fast fermenting express wine kits such as the excellent Cantina kits don't need any added brewing sugar and come with their own dispenser box. As well as being fast fermenting, Hambelton Bard are also made from dried fruits and flowers making them excellent for shipping abroad. Premium brands such as Beaverdale Wine Kits and California Connoisseurs Wine Kits have a great choice of wine styles from Pinot Grigio to Shiraz. Youngs Definitive do a good range of mouthwatering Country Fruit style wines, such as Apricot, Strawberry, Elderberry, Elderflower, Peach, Blackcherry and Blackberry.

For those that like to make wine from your own fruit and vegetables, our Country Winemaking section has all the vintning equipment, wine and champagne yeasts, grape concentrates, enzymes, acids, tannin, finings, campden tablets, fermentation stopper and more plus a range of dried fruits and flowers for home brewing wine that will bring you real satisfaction and makes a special gift, if you can bear to give it away!

Still Spirits and Top shelf liqueurs, spirit and schnaaps essences offer a quick and economical way to make your own delicious liqueurs and spirits just like the commercial equivalents. Each one has a description which gives you the name of it's commercial taste a like. Browse the Liqueurs category or try using our search facility if there's something specific you are after. The Still Spirits range includes delicious whisky, gin and brandy essences in varieties that taste so good you'll wonder why anyone would buy rather than make them.  

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