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Small Batch Brewery Beer Kits

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Make your own Craft Brewery beers
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Starter Kits
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Wine Kits
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Beer Kits
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All Grain Brewing

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Huge choice of brands of home brewing beer kits; American Craft Beer Kits, Bulldog Brews Craft Beer Kits, Festival Premium Ale Kits, Woodfordes Norfolk Ale beer kits, St. Peters Brewery beer kits, Coopers beer kits, Better Brew beer kits, Geordie Beer kits, Burton Bridge Brewery beer kits, Muntons Gold and Muntons Connoisseurs beer kits, Ultimate Brewery Classics beer kits, Gone with the Wheat gluten free beer kits, John Bull beer kits, Bards Bitter beer kits, Brupaks Beers of the World, Pride of Yorkshire, Brewers Choice beer kits, Blackrock beer kits, Brewmaker beer kits, Brewferm Belgian Ales beer kits, Tom Caxton beer kits, Youngs Harvest Beer Kits. You can make amazing lager, ipa, pale ales, bitter, wheat beers, rye beers, belgian ales, czech pils, steam beer, oktoberfest ales, bock, altbeir, porter, stout, export, scottish heavy, summer ale, double ipa, amber ales, nog, ginger beer, oaked beer, saison, mild, spiced ales, strawberry pale ales, sour beers, all from brewkits!

Make wine at home from this selection of premium homebrew winemaking kits; Red wine, White wine, Rose wine, Fruit wine, Port, Sherry, they can all be made at home with a kit using either Beaverdale wine kits, Kenridge Classic, Kenridge Showcase wine kits, Cellar 7 wine kits, Australian Blend wine kits, Cantina wine kits, Winebuddy wine kits, California Connoisseurs wine kits, Selection wine kits, Cellarcraft wine kits, Bel Vino wine kits, Island Mist wine kits, Magnum wine kits.

All grain brewers and extract beer brewers can have your malt milled to order, we stock the full range of Simpsons Malts and a selection of speciality malts such as belgian,smoked and distilling malts and a constant supply of whole leaf and pellet brewing hops for beer making from all over the world. We import WhiteLabs fresh liquid yeast directly form the Lab in San Diego and the Mangrove Jacks Craft Brewers yeast head part of a full range of dried brewers yeasts such as the ever popular Safale 04 and 05 and Nottingham, Windsor and Munich yeasts. You'll find the range of Breiss Concentrated Brewers Wort range alongside Coopers and Muntons malt extracts available in LME and DME for extract brewing.

Cidermaking is easy and fun with a home brew cider kit, in fantastic fruity flavours like mixed berry cider, strawberry and lime cider, apple clder, pear cider, elderflower cider, toffee apple cider, spiced apple cider, pear and passionfruit cider, mango and raspberry cider. Cider kits from the On the Rocks, Magnum, Bulldog Brews and Youngs Ciders ranges let you make cider at home really easily. You can of course make cider from apples and we have all the cider press and cidermaking equipment you need to do this too.

We have a full range of Brewing Equipment from homebrew starter kits, all grain brewing, extract brewing, country winemaking, home distillation, liqueurs and alcohol kits with all the kits, equipment and ingredients as well as wine, beer and cider recipes, brewing advice and brewing classes to support the home brewer with anything you'd like to make.

If you'd like to make something a little stronger you can have great fun distilling at home with the Still Spirits Air Still or T500 still system. You can use these home stills to make the alcohol and flavour it with over 90 fabulous spirit, schnapps, liqueurs essences. Vodka, whisky, rum, brandy, bourbon, gin, cocktails, flavoured vodkas, cream liqueurs, all the essences have been made to match your favourite shop bought drinks so you can have fun making them and even more fun drinking them!